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Dental Implants

Some patients are not aware that dental implants are not teeth. Implants are placed in the bone to act as the artificial replacement of the tooth root upon which a new tooth (crown) can be connected, or the implant can be used to help secure a variety of other types of appliances like full or partial dentures. Consequently when someone says  "I want an implant", what he or she is really saying is " I want a new tooth supported by an implant."

A periodontist like Dr. FitzPatrick works in conjunction with your restorative dentist, as a team, to deliver a well planned, well executed implant supported restoration. Dr. FitzPatrick provides the surgical care (implant placement)associated with the implant treatment, and the family or general dentist handles the restorative care (new tooth or teeth).

Because of their specialized formal education, periodontists possess intimate knowledge and  experience  with the interface between an implant, bone and gum tissue as well as extensive surgical training. They are uniquely suited to assume the responsibilities of surgical implant therapy. In addition, periodontists are extensively trained in managing the many possible barriers to dental implants as a treatment option, as well as possible surgical complications associated with treatment. Patients should not overlook these important considerations when evaluating their treatment options.

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I have received regular dental care and cleaning all my life. I was very surprised to learn that I had moderate periodontal disease mostly due to crowded teeth. After thorough evaluation and explanation by Dr.
FitzPatrick, I decided that LANAP treatment was right for me.
The procedure was only mildly uncomfortable with no bleeding and no need for any kind of pain medication afterward. Since the treatment was completed in only two sessions, it did not cause any disruption to my daily routine.
Now, two and one-half years later I continue my periodontal therapy and am very satisfied with my LANAP outcome.
I highly recommend Dr. Fitzpatrick and his staff to anyone who needs periodontal treatment.

Dale Nicholson Mountaintop, PA

"It has now been about nine months since my implant work was completed, and it is well past time to thank you for your magnificent performance. I have not had a single problem with either the functioning or the appearance of my 'new mouth'.

While it obviously was not a 'walk in the park' to get the job completed, you exerted every effort to keep the discomfort to a minimum-and you were successful. Your professionalism is of the highest quality in all respects.

It has been the first summer in several years that I have been able to savor and enjoy corn on the cob and thick steaks. What a joy! Initially, I had my doubts that it would be worth all the expense, but now that the arduous work is behind me, the results prove that it was. I am immensely grateful to you and my restoarative dentist, and I would be pleased to recommend your services to anyone who is contemplating similar work."

Richard Nachman Milford, PA

"I had been dealing with periodontal disease for a number of years, having had minor surgical procedures. When my dentist recommended that I needed extensive periodontal surgery, I was ready. I had been aware of the LANAP treatment and I am happy I did it. Dr. FitzPatrick explained everything. I had the procedure and follow-up visits and the results were great. I would reccomend the LANAP to anyone who needs periodontal treatments."

Edward S. Wicks Clarks Summit, PA

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